Gateway Academy 2018 Transition Fair

Gateway Academy 2018 Transition Fair
Friday, January 12, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 

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Gateway Academy hosts an annual transition event that is open to the community.  Our 2018 Transition Fair features post high school programs that serve young adults with social and learning differences. Students with AD/HD, autism and learning differences are often considered “too high functioning” for state funded resources, yet they require additional support in order to become productive adults.  Our Transition Fair features programs and schools throughout Texas and the United States and offers participants the opportunity to connect with a variety of programs. Our vendor programs cater to students for whom college, adult independent living and/or vocational careers are attainable with the proper structure and support. Participating programs serve high school graduates aged 18 and up with average to above average IQ.  Common learning differences addressed by these programs include dyslexia, AD/HD and autism.  Our Transition Fair is free but registration is required to attend!


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  • Julie Tully on January 10, 2018

    I am unable to come to your event as I am a special education teacher in north Texas. However, do you have a list of your vendors/programs that will be higlighted. I have a daughter on the autism spectrum that is a junior and we are beginning to look for programs for after high school.

    Thank you,

    Julie Tully

    • GatewayAdmin on January 11, 2018

      Here is a list of the vendors that will be attending.

      Colleges: In State
      • Alvin Community College STRIVE
      • Texas Tech – The Burkhart Transition Academy
      • Houston Community College System – VAST
      Colleges: Out of State
      • University of the Ozarks – Jones Learning Center
      • Southern Illinois University – Achieve Program
      Other: In State
      • Advance Houston
      • ARC of Greater Houston
      • Attention Deficit Disorders Association – South Region
      • College Living Experience (CLE)
      • Daymark Living
      • HUB
      • Including Kids
      • Independent Living Experience (ILE)
      • Lindamood Bell
      • Marbridge
      • Monarch Institute- Monarch Transition Services
      • New Danville
      • nonPareil Institute
      • Providence Place- Center for Higher Independence
      • Social Motion Skills – Adult Services

      Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

      Randy Kelley
      Assistant Principal | Learning Specialist
      The Gateway Academy | 713-659-7900
      academics | fitness | social

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