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Gateway Academy serves 7th—12th graders who have learning differences that impact social, academic, and critical thinking skills. We are committed to providing an environment that prepares students for successful experiences in the workplace and college settings.

Our population of learning differentiated students is encouraged to develop critical thinking, enhance personal appreciation and foster a vision of their future self.

Gryphons Nest Retreat

  • Gateway Academy is a place where a student is met at their current academic level and given license to advance at their own maximum pace.
  • Gateway Academy provides a safe environment to develop as an adolescent.
  • Gateway Academy encourages an adolescent to reach their academic potential, whatever it might be.
  • Gateway Academy focuses on the mastery of basic skills
  • Gateway Academy utilizes technology to facilitate and expand learning opportunities.
  • Gateway Academy implements the latest proven brain based learning research to customize curriculums to meet student needs.
  • Gateway Academy prepares capable adolescents for a college experience.
  • Gateway Academy develops communication skills that prepare adolescents for success.
  • Gateway Academy instills community involvement as a life goal and means of personal growth.
  • Gateway Academy fosters social understanding and one’s own place in the local and global community.


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