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Educational Outreach

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Educational Outreach Mission Statement

Our mission is to generate relevant educational messages for dynamic change agents.

Key applications target individuals who experience social and learning differences.


Our Impact

Lifelong learning has a different meaning when passion and compassion are combined.

Do Something, a song by Matthew West, points to adversity in the world and asks when will there be an end to pain: “If not us, then who…if not me and you?”   Gateway Academy takes on his challenge. We recognize we are never going to change the world by standing still.

The faculty of Gateway Academy has one of the most dynamic groups of educators and practitioners in the south. With a flair for creativity and a challenging spirit, we practice the fine art of “finding another, better way.”  Educational outreach is an extension of who we are.  It is our hope, our mission, and our goal to share the success of practical applications supported by the wisdom of solid research.

We are excited to experience and share our light bulb moments with diverse groups of people from all related fields.  Join us as we ask the hard questions about social construction in autism; transition points for learners with differences; what we can do to work with and through unbridled energy, resistant shame, learned helplessness and so many other challenges.

Please attend one of our functions or let us know how we can help serve you in your own workplace or professional community. Those who attend our events walk away with changes in perceptions and empowering new tools to create immediate and lasting impact.


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Advisory Committee

Renee Attaway, Social Thinking, Parish School

Shara Bumgarner, The Joy School

Crystal Collier, The Council on Recovery

Sarah Fisher, Positive Works

Walker Peacock, Tarnow Center

Caroline Serrett, The Speech and Language Connection

Through our Educational Outreach initiative, Gateway Academy produces relevant, action-oriented educational messages and fosters a continuing dialogue for those who are living with and/or impacted by others with social and learning differences.



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The Gateway Academy Educational Outreach Program relies on the generosity of people like you!

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