Portrait of A Graduate

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Gateway Academy



This is my day… I will do something good.

This is your day… You can make a difference.

Together… We can change the world.


Gateway Academy serves students with social and academic challenges through innovative approaches to learning, physical fitness, and social awareness. Our graduates encounter a changing world with self-advocacy, opening a path to personal significance in college, career, and community.

Portrait of a Gateway Graduate

A Gateway Graduate is an evolving person in a constant process of becoming through relational engagement and attachment to self, community and their world.

A Gateway Graduate is Aware…Portrait of a Graduate

          Considers alternate views and solutions

          Relies on community for resources

          Serves the community as a resource

          Delivers and receives Grace

A Gateway Graduate Learns…

          Accepts personal unique, innate intelligence

          Embraces learning

          Enjoys learned confidence

          Invites the next challenge

A Gateway Graduate is an Advocate…

          Personifies resilience and recovers well


          Defines personal intentions and chooses actions accordingly


Trust – Stability – Relationships

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