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Research published over the past 5 years has found that autism costs society an estimated $126 billion annually – a number that has tripled since 2006.  These costs can be expected to grow exponentially without a better and more comprehensive understanding of the needs of adults with autism and plans for productive, effective, efficient and respectful solutions. This point has been stated clearly by the California Legislative Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism, “Persons with autism spectrum disorders will be served by a public response one way or another – (either by) humane policies and informed programs or by poverty, homelessness, and a dehumanizing criminal justice system.”

How do we, as a society, help this group of citizens achieve their rightful place as participating members of society? How do we support their transition from an all too common status as ‘dependency’ to engaged, involved and, ideally, tax-paying members of their communities?

Gateway is answering the call! We have thriving programs where students find pathways to personal significance through college and career. Over the past 13 years, we have developed work readiness programs, social skills, and behavioral learning programs and have participated in research studies targeting our student population outcomes. Our program leverages small group, relationship-oriented instruction, and highly individualized programs through which graduates and their families develop a new vision for the future.

However, we need your support to continue the programs designed to change the trajectory of our graduates. Equipped with specific, structured, job and relationship skills before they leave high school, our students will become independent adults. With community business partnerships providing internships for our students, they will learn key skills for getting and keeping a job. With individualized coaching and evaluation, Gateway graduates will change the drain on our community.

Our society will be forced to confront the growing issue of these individuals who, because of social or intellectual differences, are not assuming their roles in society. Without intervention, this group of young adults will continue to require assistance or they are at risk of homelessness, institutionalization, or a life of government subsidization.

As a donor of Gateway Academy, you are acting as a social movement leader, contributing to a solution that makes our society stronger, and dramatically improve the lives of these valuable young adults.


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The Gateway Fund


News reports indicate that ADHD and autism have increased at alarming rates. Recent research tells a grim story; that autism alone costs society an estimated $126 billion annually– a number that has tripled since 2006.  Behind these reports are real children and families who are all too aware that diagnosis rates only tell part of the story. Children with social and learning differences are at risk for mental health problems, bullying, and social isolation; risks that only intensify as they mature and enter the world of independent living and work. Functional gaps leave them extremely vulnerable for exploitation, mistreatment, substance abuse and to becoming a statistic…ultimately dependent upon public assistance. Parents and families are left with few resources as they self-fund as much intervention as they can afford. These young adults will be served by a public response one way or another, either by policies and informed programs or by poverty, homelessness or even a dehumanizing criminal justice system. How can the trajectory of these young adults change from one of dependence to self-sufficiency?

You and I are the answer. Together, we are changing the story. For 11 years, Gateway Academy has changed the lives of students and their families. By providing a safe, structured learning environment for teens with social and learning differences, we enable them to explore their talents and learn strategies to navigate challenges. As we intentionally cultivate social, collaborative and life skills, students and families gain a new vision for the future. Gateway puts into practice what an emerging body of data affirms: that personalized assistance helps students navigate social relationships, work readiness, and transition to the workplace. Students learn to manage financial obligations, develop adult accountability and avert negative tendencies toward substance abuse and other self-defeating behaviors.

Our Annual Fund campaign is a chance to change lives. Your donation makes an immediate impact, expanding the scope of vocational coaching, collaborative work skills training, 1:1 job coaching, internship options and linkage to longer-term vocational resources. These opportunities mean that our graduates will be prepared not just to work but to seek career-track employment. It means that our students will not become statistics but rather young adults who have a sense of purpose and belonging to the community. Through your generosity, you are changing the story…contributing to a solution that makes our society stronger, and dramatically changes the trajectory of these valuable young adults.

Sponsors List

Finding Solutions for Job Skills

A gift committed to the Internship/Job Skills Program at Gateway Academy will make it possible for us to transform the lives of individuals with learning differences by equipping them with the training and experience they need to succeed as independent adults. Your gift will go directly to giving 1:1 job coaching support at a business in our community. This gift will enable our job coaches to maintain a structure supporting our students on the job. Additionally, our job coaches will impact larger parts of the community through daily coaching of business owners and managers as they learn to support and coach individuals with learning and social differences effectively. Our programming changes the trajectory from a young adult living a life of dependency into a contributing independent adult.


Make an immediate impact!

The question for parents of children with social and learning differences is: How do I help my child become a functional adult? An alarming number of high school graduates with social and learning differences “fail to launch” and find themselves living at home with parents, unemployed, and failing to leverage the skills and opportunities utilized by their neuro-typical peers. This cycle takes a toll on family and the community. Years of countless amounts of money spent on therapy, social skills training, and special schools add up quickly.

Most of our families are able to support the needs of their children. But each year we turn away families because of a lack of financial support. Gateway Academy makes a commitment each year to award $200,000 to families in need of financial assistance based on income and assets. We need your donation to impact another child in need.

Tuition for one student at is $38,560. Your gift will enable us to accept another family as we change their trajectory toward independence.


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