The Annual Breakfast

    Annual Breakfast


Dear Friends,

Since opening our doors in 2006, our mission has stayed the same – the mission to provide an environment filled with academic rigor and social-emotional growth for students with learning and social differences.

We started Gateway Academy because we recognized that too often a diagnosis set the trajectory for students with disabilities – a predetermined story of frustration, failure, and financial insecurity; a story of dependency. 

At Gateway, we believe that a diagnosis is simply that – a diagnosis. We believe that with the right support, every student, regardless of his or her difference, can achieve higher levels of independence and write a story of joy, success, and economic stability. 

While our mission has been consistent, for the past 14 years we have created and refined programs based on student needs, family response, and research-based methodologies.


We noticed our students needed physical activity throughout the day to thrive in the classroom. 

We created our Fitness Program.


We noticed our students needed solution-focused support for self-awareness, social communication, and relationship development.

We created our Social/Emotional Program.


We noticed our students needed numerous training opportunities to develop work skills in order to obtain and maintain a job.

We created our Employment Skills Program.


We noticed our students need a well-defined vision of their future.

We created our Transition Program.


Gateway is where change happens! We listen and respond to our students’ needs, refining programs to fully support our families and their goals. Our greatest achievement is equipping our students with foundational knowledge, skills, and experiences, ensuring that they navigate their lives with confidence and a sense of belonging – after graduation and beyond.


Will you join us in Changing the Story?


Michele Joseph



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