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The parent community is a vital part of Gateway. Through this community, families find friendships, resources, information, and fellowship as they navigate middle school, high school and the transition to young adulthood.

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Parent Support

Parent Education

Gateway believes in collaboration! We want to partner with our parents to ensure consistency and growth of their child as they travel between school, home, and the community. Our parent community is essential to the continued strength of our program. 


Gateway Academy Parents (GAP)

Gateway Academy Parents (GAP) is the parent organization of The Gateway Academy. GAP serves the school and its students and creates a network of resources and support for Gateway families. GAP offers parents many ways to engage with the school and to actively participate in our parent community.

GAP meetings provide opportunities for parents to interface with the Head of School and administrative staff and to receive information about campus life. These quarterly meetings provide an overview of upcoming programming, volunteer and social opportunities, initiatives within the school and curriculum and the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.

GAP expands social opportunities for students through monthly socials that are parent chaperoned. Socials include off-campus activities such as roller skating, go-carts, putt-putt, laser tag, bowling, rock climbing, and a nature center tour. Students enjoy lunch, an activity and engage with friends. All students are invited to attend.

GAP promotes volunteerism and supports school work days, monthly teacher appreciation lunches, event mailings, student socials, athletic and team events, fundraising and educational events and prom. We love our parent volunteers!

GAP encourages parents to participate in monthly Parent Support meetings. These meetings are a parent favorite and are not your typical support group! Facilitated by Brodie Simmons, Dean of Student Advancement, these meetings are for Gateway parents only and have an engaging, informal atmosphere. Parents share important resource information, celebrate victories and empathize over challenges. From reducing homework struggles to finding the right driver’s education program…these meetings are a place to hear from others who have “walked in the same shoes”. Ideas, laughter, an understanding ear, and friendship are all ways that the parent community engages to support one another.

GAP welcomes all parents of new students through individual outreach and new parent orientation. New parents are encouraged to ask questions and connect with new and current parents for coffee at the beginning of each semester. The Gateway parent group is welcoming and possesses a wealth of information and resources.